Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I also move shopping carts with the Simply-mover?

Yes you can, we have a special hook for that and a remote control. Easily move a row of shopping carts with one person. This is possible with the type HW 03.1WW

How much weight can I move with the Simply-Mover?

This differs per type from 800 kg to no less than 3 tons.

What is the maintenance interval of the Simply-Mover?

It is wise to have the Simply-Mover serviced at least once a year. For a longer lifespan and extra security when using the Simply-Mover, we offer a special maintenance contract for this.

How many years warranty does the Simply-Mover have?

We give a 2-year warranty on the parts under normal use with the exception of wheels and batteries. We also offer an extended warranty period. Contact us for the possibilities

What service does Simply-mover offer me?

In case of problems, we will solve them within 48 hours, provided that a part is in stock.

Can I also move waste containers?

Yes, that is certainly possible, depending on the type of waste container, we adjust the hook or mount additional accessories on the waste container.

What if I have to go up the slope with a means of transport?

Depending on the slope and the weight to be moved, we offer a special clamping hook. This secures the means of transport on the slope. This is for extra safety of the user and the environment.

How often should I charge the battery?

We offer different types of batteries. Depends on usage and battery type. Li-on batteries can be charged in the meantime.

Can I also drive on uneven surfaces with the Simply-Mover?

That is certainly possible, for extra safety we can mount the clamping hook to secure the means of transport.

What does the Simply-Mover cost?

This varies by type and use. We offer a tailor-made offer.
You can do this by clicking on this link .

Does the Simply-Mover have a quality mark?

The Simply-Mover has an independent CE mark.

Can I also get the Simply-Mover in a different RAL colour?

Yes, that is an option, at an additional cost we can produce the hood in your company colour, provided this is a RAL colour.


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