Start moving easily

Saving costs and working more efficiently

In what industry are you working?

Health / Laundry /Hotel

More time for the patient or guest, easier movement from various carts.

Food / Pharmacy

Easily move product ready carts, full food barrels or medicine carts.

2 in 5 employees face physically demanding work

More than half of workers report having health complaints, with arm, neck and shoulder (CANS) complaints being the most common.

Due to long-term complaints, a total of 424,000 workers (2020) suffer from an occupational disease of their back, arm, neck, shoulder, knee or hip.

This not only causes a lot of personal suffering, absenteeism and disability, but also generates high costs for employers and society every year.

The cost of continued pay due to absenteeism due to complaints was 1.8 billion in 2019.


Provide convenience

The Simply-Mover offers the possibility to make working with rolling means of transport easier. Fewer health complaints, less absenteeism of employees.

Simple to use

The special hook for the means of transport to be moved makes it very easy to work with the Simply-Mover.
Just hook it up and walk away.


We offer assurance of easy moving. Also, we offer 2 years warranty and the machines are CE approved. For the safety of your employees.

Make it easy for yourself choose the wright tug for the best work

Our solutions

HW03.1 246-300
up to 1000 kg

HW 03.1

The tractor that is versatile. Can move up to 1000 kg, simple and easy
HW 3.1 WW 246-288
Shopping carts

HW 03.1WW

This one is excellent for moving a whole row of shopping carts
HW 04 200
Roll containers

HW 04

The best-selling machine, ideal for roll containers up to 800 kg
HW05 246-323

HW 05

Move up to as much as 1500 kg easily. Powerful and agile in use
hw 10 246-316
Lift and move

HW 10

This tractor allows you to lift and then move

HW 30 rood
Mega powerhouse

HW 30

When it comes to something really heavy, up to 3ton.

We like to help you


Do you work a lot with rolling transport means then the Simply-Mover is your helping hand.
With over 30 years of experience, we will work with you to find a suitable solution. We provide:

  More motivated employees
  More efficient work
  Less sick leave
  Cost reduction


Contact details

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6874 BZ Wolfheze
(+31) 026 - 333 55 35