Application of the tugs


Did you know that 2 in 5 employees face physically demanding work

In what industry can you use the tug

In various industries, the Simply-Mover tractor is an excellent tool
to make working with rolling transport equipment easier simpler and  safer.


rolcontainer bewegen

Distribution / Retail

Make it easier for the driver or store employee.

Simple and fast

Healthcare / Laundry industry /Hotel

More time for the patient, the production or the guest.
Clean and handy

Food / Pharmacy

No production downtime, quick stock in the right place
Less dropouts

Industry / Waste

Ensuring that production continues, with less downtime
2 out of 5 employees have to deal with overload of the body

Every employee has to deal with physical strain. For example, when moving products (lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling).

Employees can develop health problems and even an occupational diseaseby physical overload
More than half of the employees indicate that they have health problems, with complaints of the arm, neck and shoulder being the most common.

30% when making repetitive movements

Employees are most affected by the following types of physical complaints:
30% repetitive movements
9% work in an uncomfortable working position
18% apply a lot of force

Where does the overload most often occur?

  • 60% Agricultural & Green
  • 51% Transport & Storage
  • 48% Construction
  • 45% Industry
  • 41% Healtcare

Preventing overload

First find out which technical measures can be used to eliminate the source of physical overload, so that employees can work in a healthier way. Think of machines or tools to make the work easier.