Solutions for rolling transport

Our tugs offer the possibility to move rolling means of transport more easily.
Without much physical effort and extremely easy to use .
We offer a variety of tugs suitable for your transport.

HW03.1 200
1000 kg

HW 03.1

The tug that can be used in many ways. It can easily move 1000 kg of weight.

HW 3.1 WW 246-288
Shopping carts

HW 03.1 WW

This tug is excellent for moving a whole row of shopping trolleys
HW 04 200
Roll containers

HW 04

This is the best-selling tug and is also most commonly used for roll containers up to 800 kg
HW05 246-323

HW 05

This tug can move up to 1300 kg
hw 10 246-316
Lift and move

HW 10

With this tug you can lift and then move
HW 30 rood
Mega powerhouse

HW 30

This tug can move up to 3 tons