Distribution / Retail

Investing in Healthy, Competent and Motivated
employees is investing in Sustainable Employability.
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Moving roller containers every day

Roll containers

Roll containers are widely used in the distribution segment.

Truck drivers
There is a shortage of truck drivers, we need to do more in less time. Giving the driver the right tools ensures less downtime, more pleasant work and retention of personnel.

Moving of:
Roll containers in different versions with the right hook.


  • Making work easier for the drivers
  • More motivated
  • Less absenteeism due to illness
  • Retention of personnel
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Moving shopping carts

Just in time

Not having enough shopping carts can cause customer dissatisfaction. "Kevin Restocking Carts" over the intercom.

Kevin doesn't feel like it, always pushing and pulling, long distance with bad roads. It's not easy.

Moving of:
Shopping carts with the special hook and remote control, making it easy to do with 1 person.


  • Easier and faster
  • Shopping carts in the right place
  • Motivated employees
  • It's fun to do Satisfied shop visitors
Reduce the risks


Both logistics employees and truck drivers have to deal with physically demanding work:
• Lifting goods
• Pushing and pulling goods, often on roll containers
• Working in unfavorable postures
• Bending and reaching to grab goods
(Source: Occupational Health and Safety Catalog Sector Institute for Transport and Logistics)