Healthcare / Laundry industry / Hotel


Less workload & more efficient work

healthcare under pressure
In the healthcare sector, the workload is enormous, not enough hands to provide good care

Focusing the physical work on the patient and not being busy moving heavy carts will improve the quality of care.
The care goes where it belongs with the patient.

Moving of:
Meal trolleys - clinical waste trolleys


  • Work more pleasantly through aids
  • Work faster
  • Fewer dropouts due to physical complaints
Laundry industry

We consume more and more, so more laundry

Easier and faster
Full carts with linen, laundry that has to be moved through the laundry.

Making the process more efficient and relieving the employees by using less physical force.

Moving linen trolleys, washing trolleys. The hook can be adapted to the means of transport to be moved

Moving of:

linen trolleys - washing trolleys - loading and unloading


  • Less physical symptoms
  • Manufacturing process more efficient
  • Doing more with less people

Garbage containers, linen cart

Pleasant and fast

he customer comes first, hospitality comes first. Having a room ready more easily and quickly without having to push and pull the various carts to make it happen makes the job more fun

Make better use of time

Do more in the same time because you stay fit. From room to room or pushing the dumpster up the hill to the street. Takes strength and energy.

Moving of:

Linen carts - Loading and unloading - Garbage containers


  • Less physical symptoms
  • Shorter lead time
  • Do more with fewer people
  • More fun at work