Industry / Waste

Investing in healthy, competent and motivated
employees, is investing in long-term employability

Less employee absenteeism

Manufacturing process
Long delivery times, employee absenteeism, shortage of raw materials. Things that cause the production process to stagnate.

Easier and faster
The tug can be used to make the production process easier. Moving the equipment or finished product. No more pushing or pulling, just hook up and walk away.

Moving of:
Carts with products - Assembly carts - Equipment


  • Fewer dropouts due to physical complaints
  • Reducing costs (sick leave)
  • Work more efficiently
  • More fun working

The amount of waste is growing

Increasingly full garbage containers
The garbage containers are getting fuller and heavier. Together we produce more and more waste.

Easier and faster
The containers must be moved, up and down the hill. Often to the street so that the garbage service can take the garbage container with it.

This takes a lot of strength, energy and time. With the Simply-Mover it becomes a piece of cake.

Moving of:
Waste containers from various locations - Loading and unloading of waste containers


  • Easier moving without much energy
  • Motivated employees because of the tug


Moving garbage containers
Risks and Consequences


  • Lifting, carrying and pushing heavy loads
  • Pushing and pulling heavy waste containers
  • Positioning containers


  • Physical complaints in neck, shoulders
  • More absenteeism among employees
  • Less motivated to do the job