Food / Pharmacy

food industry

Easier and more secure

Safe and efficient

We consume an enormous amount, so the production process in this sector must continue continuously. In a safe and efficient way.

Stainless steel
The Simply-Mover can be used by various food manufacturers. It can also be made of stainless steel for hygiene reasons.

Moving of:
Bread carts - Liquid barrels - Carts with finished product


  • Production process is easier
  • Employees work with pleasure
  • More production with less energy and strength

Everything has to be faster and more efficient

Shortage of medicines
This ensures that their production must be faster and more efficient.

The Simply-Mover is available in a stainless steel version, for example for clean rooms where liquid tanks have to be moved.

Moving of:

Medicine carts - Liquid tanks - Equipment


  • Making work easier for employees
  • Motivated employees
  • Work more efficiently in production